Past Projects of Value​

Eat Drink Los Gatos

  We've partnered with the Los Gatos Chamber on their past 7 events, and all of them have SOLD OUT.

Our objective on the last Eat Drink Los Gatos Wine Walk and Street Fair was to drive the sale of 1,000 Wine Walk tickets and drive 1,000 to attend their first ever street fair. Through our social media marketing process, we were able to reach 183,025 targeted demographics, sold out the event and had 6,500 attendees at the Fair. It was a massive success, not counting the complaint from the Sheriff’s Department on too many in attendance.

Social Media Project Portfolio

Project started in April 2013, it now has over 12,000 Followers and exceeded 1,000,000 impressions in 2017.

Started as a way to teach social media marketing to the Los Gatos Chamber. It has grown into the most active page in Los Gatos. It exceeded 1,000.000 impressions in its first calendar year.

CMS partnered with the Smoking Pig BBQ with the objective to drive brand awareness and win Best BBQ in Silicon Valley. Initially, Smoking Pig had 1,500 Followers. Due to our timely custom marketing campaigns (and a good product), Smoking Pig BBQ now has  over 20,000+ Followers and this week, they won Best BBQ in Silicon Valley for the 5th year in a row!  

Maple Tree Inn's social media presence has grown 10x and is the most followed Hotel in Sunnyvale. We've created multiple community focused campaigns. The project has good engagement and continues to grow. 

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Campbell Marketing

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