Social Media Project Portfolio

Project started in April 2013. It currently generates 10K social media impressions daily with over Facebook 3100 Likes, Twitter 2900 Followers, and Instagram 400 Followers.

At the start of this project they had 1500 Facebook Likes on their San Jose page and

a small following on Twitter. After 18 months

on this project:

Facebook Likes up over 8000 or 533%

Twitter Followers up over 2100 or 1752%

A link to Smoking Pig BBQ website.

A fairly new social media management project, though a first time in the hospitality industry. Took over their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Opened an Instagram

account and started populating LinkedIn.

After 3 months on the project:

Facebook Likes up 42%

Twitter Followers up 655%

Instagram created and now active

LinkedIn Business page now active

A Link to Maple Tree Inn Sunnyvale website​​

Campbell Marketing

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