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The road to successful marketing and social media presence is ever changing.  Which platforms to use and populate with content can be confusing. How to get started? Hire a consultant that is hands-on 7 days a week riding this massive wave of social media. 


With our experience in the marketing, event production and event promotion arena, your social media presence will grow immediately. Our specialty is creating brand/revenue development campaigns that are easy to implement and will last for years to come. 

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We've been using social media on a daily basis for years, and have created numerous brands from scratch.  

Our first venture into social media was with South Bay Live Music.  The intention was to generate 1000 impression a day. By the 3rd month, South Bay Live Music was generating 100,000 impressions a month. The same process can be duplicated in any industry. 

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That's a great idea!

What we do?

  • Marketing plan creation
  • Social media strategy
  • Social media platform development
  • Social media campaign creation
  • Social media coaching and campaign management
  • Content distribution partnership development

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